Date:  April 28, 2004



·      On January 26, 2004, City Council directed Administration to initiate the development of a Civic Sports Policy in conjunction with key stakeholders in the sport community.

·      A Steering Committee was formed which includes representatives from:

City Council

Calgary Sport Council

Calgary Olympic Development Association

Canadian Sport Centre

Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Tourism Calgary

Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation

Professional Sports - Calgary Flames

The City of Calgary

·      The representatives of each of these groups have committed to, and are responsible for, communicating project status and updates with their respective organizations and membership. 


Current Status:

·      Throughout March and April, the Steering Committee met and outlined the scope of the project. From these meetings the Steering Committee was able to define the key stakeholders, project deliverables, priorities, and key results, and also develop a timeline for the project.

·       In April, funding was secured from both the City Council’s Strategic Initiative Fund as well as The City of Calgary;s Community Services department, to begin preliminary research for policy development.


Next Steps:

·      The Steering Committee believes in order to begin developing the policy, key stakeholders must be engaged.

·      In May the Steering Committee will attend a workshop that will help formulate a communication plan for the development of the policy. The workshop is based on the City of Calgary's engageâ process.

-       The engage process is based on the understanding that decisions are improved by engaging citizens and other stakeholder groups where appropriate…â€� and promotes action guided by five key principles including Accountability, Inclusiveness, Transparency, Commitment and Responsiveness.

·      In May, a Working Committee will be formed to begin research and development of the policy.

·      A consultant will be hired to conduct research from May through to September focusing on the Economic Significance of Amateur Sport in Calgary.

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