Sport has an opportunity to inform the election candidates sport is important.  An increased investment in sport and physical activity is necessary and will benefit our society. 


Why is this important?

   Children and youth are not involved in sport and physical activity enough to benefit their health.

   In 2002, less than half (44%) of Canadian youth reported participating in organized sport at least once a week. A year later

   it was worse—just over a  third participating (38% in 2003). In other countries, like Australia, over three-quarters (78%) of

   youth participate at least once a week.

   Other countries like Australia spend more than Canada does on sport. With a population of 19 million (two-thirds of

   Canada’s),  Australia spends $157 million annually on sport (30% more than Canada). Canada increased it's spending, for

   one year only, by $20 million (for a total of $120 million) on May 14, 2004.

Click here for the Benefits of Sport support document

The Canadian sport community’s election message is simple - 1% of the healthcare budget to be spend on sport and physical activity. Taking into account increased federal money for health, the 1% solution represents a federal level total of approximately $400 million into sport and physical activity. The current federal level contribution for sport and physical activity is about $125 million. This would therefore represent an increase of approximately $275 million.


1. Simply write, email, call, or meet with your local candidates asking:

    Like the Conservatives, will the (X) Party also allocate 1% of the health care budget

    (or an equivalent of 1%) for sport and physical activity?


Please click here for the candidates in each the Calgary electoral districts.


2. CBC will be hosting televised debates (French - June 14th, 2004 @ 8 PM EST/ English - June 15th, 2004 @ 8 PM EST). Questions for the debates can be submitted by email: national@cbc.ca or by automated voice message system by calling 1-800-565-1422.


Below is a summary of the federal parties' election platform in regards to sport and physical activity. 

(The summary is provided in alphabetical order):


Bloc Quebecois:

Will improve access to French language services for Francophone athletes; will commit funds towards a “la releve� program supports using infrastructure program for local sport projects (not specific on money - how much? Existing budget dollars or new dollars?)


Will commit one percent of federal health funding to the funding of sport and physical activity (not clear over what time frame)

Green Party:

Will guarantee safe environmental conditions for sport and physical activity;  increase support  for community-based sport and recreation organizations, programs and facilities; advocates sport and recreation management practices that are sustainable; make a strategic investment of $500 million over five years to aggressively address the physical inactivity and obesity epidemic in Canada; Support high-performance athletes by encouraging broad-based participation in sport;  support the provision of essential facilities, coaching and medical services for selected high-performance athletes; Re-introduce a national school-based fitness testing program. (not specific on money - how much? Existing budget dollars or new dollars?)


Provide targeted support for high-performance athletes and coaches to help them achieve consistent world-class results; provide funding to organizations to ensure that all Canadians, regardless of ability or
circumstances, have the opportunity to participate in sport, and encourage greater participation in organized sport among the general population. (not specific on money - how much? Existing budget dollars or new dollars?)


Dedicate some of the recent increases in Sport Canada funding to increase access to programs for women, persons with disabilities and Aboriginal Canadians. Dedicate sport infrastructure funding to municipalities to help build and run community recreational facilities, with priority for facilities serving youth and seniors.
Restore the ParticipAction program. (not specific on money - how much? Existing budget dollars or new dollars?)



Thank you to the Sport Matters group for their work in the  development of this resource information.