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The Ultimate Strategy for Business Planning

A formal statement of business goals, why they are attainable, and how they are attained constitutes a business plan. It is usually a necessity for new business ventures covering at least a three-year plan but may be used for major developments in an existing business as well. This looks simpler than what a strategic business plan takes.

5 Basic Principles of an Excellent Business Plan

  • Form follows function. Obviously, a business plan must solve the purpose of the business. It pays to be carefully presented but do not waste much effort making it look or sound good. The written plan must happen and that is what matters.

  • The plan yields good results. Results are indicators of a good or bad business plan. It is by far the end of every plan more than ideas, details, strategies, analysis, or research, much less the write-up and its formatting.

5 Fundamental Principles of Good Business Planning

5 Fundamental Principles of Good Business Planning

  • Detailed accountability. Good plan includes actual performance and expected results in numbers.

  • Planning survives change. When things change constantly, there must be a plan to suit them rather than see no point in planning. A good review analyzes results as well as altered expectations. It includes corrections and alternative measures up to the smallest course in a detailed process.

  • Planning is not detailing. The wide margin for uncertainty makes it impossible to plan in details. The number reports in a business plan are aggregate educated guesses in months and years. It should include the following projections:

  • Sales

  • Costs

  • Expenses

  • Profits

  • Salaries

  • Assets

  • Liabilities

  • Capital

  • Cash flow

Planning vs. Accounting Distinguished

A business plan and an accounting report both include numbers and words which may be presented in the same format. In fact, you may not be able to distinguish one from the other if you will not read through and brush around other pages. In truth, there lies a big difference and the least similarity.

From a starting point, accounting goes backward in an increasing detail and specifics. The task is to trace and track discrepancies and irregularities in the transactions. The job of checking is upheld up to a single centavo and even a diminutive difference in the balance would spell trouble.

Inversely, business planning goes forward from a starting point in increasing aggregates. There is no sense in a detailed projection due to the deep level of uncertainty faced by business planning. In effect, an annual projection is made in terms of months and succeeding annual projections are on a yearly basis.

This makes business planning a lot easier than accounting contrary to the thoughts of majority. In planning a business with an accountant, make him understand that the plan is all about educated guess and no accountant is accountable for wrong figures, if any.

Free Resources Estate Planning Education Practice Managemen

Free Resources Estate Planning Education Practice Managemen

Pointers for Every Business Entrepreneur

  • A drained bank account is a bad indicator sign.

  • Money is not the only satisfying goal.

  • Business culture counts.

  • Apply a compassionate system.

  • Character is the best gauge in hiring.

  • Trust and delegation work towards growth.

  • Plan for contingencies.

  • It is difficult to work with partners.

  • Record maintenance is not an easy task.

  • Work privileges inspire employees.

  • Customer service is a must.

  • Competitive sales persons survive rejection.

  • Client control is an art.

  • Failures render lessons.

  • Relaxation offers time for business review.

 A good entrepreneur possesses the quality warranted by a successful business as a good business plan possesses all fundamental principles essential to business forecast. Each contributes to easy planning in terms of importance, practice, and management. Missing on one is skipping a major business preparation that can pull down all efforts invested in the business.

Spending Addiction? 3 Ways To Know If You Have One

Spending addiction is an uncontrollable urge to spend money. Its most common term is shopaholic and the technical term is Compulsive Buying Disorder. And people who suffer from this are mostly buried in debt.

Most people do not know if they have this type of addiction. Most of the time it is mistaken for the sudden urge to buy when one is depressed, a common phenomenon among women in developed countries.

There are 3 easy ways to know if you are suffering from spending addiction. Today you will learn about them to help you identify if you or a love one is suffering from it.

1. Being anxious when you do not shop

All forms of addiction lead to this. When an addict is not doing what he is addicted to do for a long time he becomes anxious and being on the edge. It is the body looking for its fix. Spending addicts also suffer from this experience when they have not spent a dime all day.

This sign guarantees that a person is addicted to something. Whether it is addiction to spending or something else is up to you to find out. If you are experiencing this then you know you have a spending addiction.

Signs Of A Shopping Addiction - Business Inside

Signs Of A Shopping Addiction – Business Inside

2. A rush of excitement when spending

If you feel so happy and excited every time you buy something then you could be addicted to spending. This is the reason why a spending addict is so into spending money. It is the same feeling people get when they are high. And when it stops the body and the mind start looking for that experience once again causing the sudden feeling of anxiousness and panic.

The same can be true when doing something that is exhilarating. But buying things is not an exhilarating activity except to a spending addict. This sign is a huge warning sign to look out for. If you experience this when you buy things then you are most likely addicted to spending.

Diary of 3 Food Addicts:

Diary of 3 Food Addicts:

3. Most of the things you buy were not planned

Spending addiction is getting high from buying things. It does not matter whether you like the things you buy or not. So after the splurge you realize that you have purchased things that you do not need or even never wanted to buy in the first place. This is a huge sign that you are addicted to buying things.

These 3 signs will likely guarantee that a person has spending addiction. Look for them in you first. Be sure to be honest about it. If not then consider asking your friends to look for these 3 signs on you and let them judge. You do not want to be addicted to spending or you will be experiencing financial problems faster then you can deal with.

Beat Depression in 5 Ways – Naturally!

Sometimes when you’ve had enough sadness, you curl up, and start crying. You feel hopeless and even helpless. But you’re not. While therapy and medication are proven to help combat depression, there are natural ways you can do to fight back.

A change in behavior can work wonders on your situation. A change in lifestyle, in physical activities, or the things you think about are very helpful in battling depression. While these ways won’t eliminate the problem, they can help stop the negative thinking patterns and stop the feeling of depression.

  1. Exercise

Exercising is a great way to take your mind off depressing matters. Start walking or jogging every morning to keep your body active. Exercise is good as it helps release endorphins or so called feel-good chemicals. Even if regular exercising alone can help in positive ways, never leave out on a balance diet for optimal benefits.

  1. Develop a Sleeping Routine

Depression can deprive you of sleep, as well as make you sleep more often. Too much or less of sleep isn’t any good when you’re depressed. Set a time for going to bed in the evening and waking up in the morning. Take fewer naps and distract yourself with fun-filled activities like walking the dog, doing arts and crafts, or biking.

Effective Ways to Beat Depression Naturally

Effective Ways to Beat Depression Naturally

  1. Visit the Outdoors

Getting a good dose of morning sun and afternoon sunset light can do wonders for you. People who are depressed are most likely to lock their selves up in their room. Get out more often and smell the fresh air. Looking at natural scenery is very therapeutic and can induce happy thoughts. Take a hike around the forest, plant more often in the garden, or go canoeing. Seeing all that green will revitalize your energy.

  1. Hang out with Friends or Positive Peers

The people we call friends are the push and pull in our lives. If you’re feeling depressed, spending time with them can help a lot. Try to enjoy fun times together by taking a swim, watching comedies, or go food-tripping. When you’re around the people you love, you’ll see how much faster it is to recover from all that moping.

  1. Massage, Yoga, or Meditation

Yoga, meditation, and even an hour of body message can be very therapeutic. The calm sound of Zen music and the stress releasing treatment all help in bringing back the vitality of your mind’s state. Spending time doing yoga and meditation help bring emotional balance to the body by channeling good energy throughout the body. The moment of silence helps in finding inner peace and balance as well.

Sound Therapy Music For Relaxation, Meditation, Yoga, Massage

Sound Therapy Music For Relaxation, Meditation, Yoga, Massage

Depression can disrupt your life and thinking about expensive medical treatment and therapy can only worsen your situation. So the next time you lose a job or break up with a partner, remember, there are natural ways to deal with depression.

How to Tell If You Are Dating a Player

Now that you have found someone to date, you are happy and excited that you finally have someone to call your own. However, don’t be blinded by the thought of being alone if you lose this guy or woman. There must be a negative trait that you observe but you just ignore it because you love the person. For example, the person that you are dating right now might be a player and the signs are already obvious, yet you continue to have a relationship with him/ her. To help you out, here are some signs that you need to know to tell if you are indeed dating a player.

Players text a lot

Although it is rude to text while having a conversation, they do it nevertheless. They text while having a conversation with you to check on their other “dates” and to give them the impression that they are important to them. Aside from being rude, you can’t date someone who is not making you a priority. They are instead busy on keeping the other parties alive. One you know that they are texting other people aside from you, this is a sure sign that you are dating a player. When you spot this sign, you can ask politely who they are texting and if they will keep it a secret, there might be something fishy going on.

Players pressure you for sex

Most players are only interested with you because you are physically attractive. They are only interested with you for sex. Although it is quiet depressing to know that there are really people who are like these, you have to be careful of dating a player because this is exactly what they will do. Even if you are in a conversation they will usually insert a topic about sex. When they pressure you too much, this might take a toll to your emotions especially if the emotionally-blackmail you so you’ll be forced to have sex with them. Once they get what they want, they surely leave you after.

The Emperor's Old Clothes: February 2013

The Emperor’s Old Clothes: February 2013

They do everything on the last minute

When they invite you to a date, they usually do it on the last minute. They are so preoccupied with their other parties that they ask you out when another party cancel theirs and make you a last minute replacement. Not only that. When they are out on another date, they will usually cancel your date also on the last minute. Once you notice this, you can immediately ask for a breakup.

How to Date a Player: 8 Steps

How to Date a Player: 8 Steps

Remember that before you love a person, you must also love yourself. If you don’t confront a person for a negative trait that you have observed, chances are you will be hurt along the way. It is perfectly alright to date or to love someone but don’t be blinded by that love. Know the signs of a player and if indeed you are dating a player, you must consider the consequence if you continue dating a player. You can tell if a person is a player by looking for the signs listed above.

Features of Google Glass That You Will Truly Enjoy

Gadget that you can wear and bring with you anywhere is the latest craze in the gadget market. One of the highly anticipated gadgets that are due for release is the Google Glass. For those that are not familiar with the gadget, this will make you do things without using your hands. You can capture videos and take photos without lifting any of your fingers. Because of its unique design and the hands-free feature, it has stirred excitement and anticipation among gadget enthusiasts. Even if it has already created a buzz, many people are still not aware of its potential. Here are the features of Google Glass that anyone would surely appreciate.

You can find anything in an instant

This device is after all made by Google which was famous as a search engine website. Because of this, the company has also integrated a search engine-like feature in Google Glass. With the gadget, you can search for almost anything. If you are on your way to a meeting place that you haven’t been before, the Google Glass will help you find the address. You can search for a friend’s house and your intended destination. You just say the address and Google Glass will search it for you without using your hands.

It gives you access to your email address

Most of the time, you will be on your mode of transportation like the car, a train or a bus on your way to work or to a meeting. If you are on travel, you could bring your laptop with you but it can be bulky and at times heavy. You can still access your emails and reply to clients without bringing your heavy laptop. You can use your smartphone but you have to find a socket if your smartphone runs out of battery. With the Google Glass, you can read your emails, reply to a client and send an email without using your hands. It is lightweight and is therefore an excellent choice to those employees who are on the go.

5 Reasons No One Will Use Google Glass (Explained By Googl

5 Reasons No One Will Use Google Glass (Explained By Googl

It allows you take pictures and videos

During your trip and while driving your car, you can bring with you your DSLR camera so that you can take pictures. However, bringing your camera means you have to bring your lens and your batteries and of course your tripods. This will need a big space in your luggage. With the Google Glass, you can take photos and videos easily. It is easy to bring and can be worn and the issue about luggage space will be addressed. You can even capture videos and pictures without using hands.

How Glass works: New infographic reveals the secrets of Google's

How Glass works: New infographic reveals the secrets of Google’s

The Google Glass is indeed a sleek and convenient tool that anyone can use. You can do other things while capturing video or capturing pictures. You can even drive while taking pictures. On top of that, you’ll be able to upload the pictures and videos at ease to different social media sites. It is a very useful tool today especially to people who love to connect to the internet.